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About Us

We provide outsourced tax director, tax staffing, tax project management solutions; we offer these solutions at a more cost effective alternative than public accounting firms and/or a full-time, internal tax staff.

Our Perspective: It is our experience that the majority of businesses overpay for tax compliance and/or tax planning and don't feel as if they are "getting what they are paying for" as measured by the level of quality and proactivity they are receiving. This perception (that we believe to be fact) led us to create our firm.

Our Capabilities: We posses the depth and expertise to deliver high value added, multi-jurisdictional tax accounting, tax compliance, and tax planning services to any organization regardless of size, industry, or legal organization.

Your Benefits: The benefits from using OSB will be immediate and are measured in the form of cost reduction, increased quality and attention, and increased knowledge (and support) of tax planning opportunities and/or exposures. It has been our experience that we will deliver tax savings that will pay for our services many times over.